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Yakima WA 98902

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8AM - 11:33PM


We're a homegrown pot shop with deep roots in the great Yakima Valley. Open seven days a week and bringing you the best cannabis Washington state has to offer.

Treehawk Farms Flower 3.5g

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Flight 9 Now 50% Off

Strong Arm Hash Now $50

PHD Cannabis Now 50% Off

High Tide Select Strains 20% Off

All Confetti 20% Off

All Marprod 50% Off

All Distillate Syringes 30% Off

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Majors Drinks Now 20% Off

Journeyman Edibles 20% Off

Show Cannabis Now 40%

ALL Gorge Gold 50% Off

Knots Flower 3.5g

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Knots Concentrates 40% Off

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Kouchlock 2pk Prerolls

ALL Xclusive 50% Off

Royal Tree Prerolls 1g

Royal Tree Flower 3.5g

All Sessions 50% Off

Super Legal Flower

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Seattle's Private Reserve 2pk Joints

Seattle's Private Reserve 1g Live Resin

Seattle's Private Reserve Flower 3.5g

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Kindness Cannabis Flower 3.5g

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Heavenly Buds Rosin 1g

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Dutch Blooms Flower 3.5g

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Emerald Jane's Flower 3.5g

Gabriel Live Resin 1g

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House of Cultivar 20% Off

K Savage Flower 3.5g Pineapple Shocker

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Green Rush Prerolls

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  • Flower

    Pure, unadulterated cannabis.

  • Preroll

    The ultimate in convenience.

  • Vapor

    Convenient, subtle, and potent.

  • Concentrate

    Highly potent, flavorful, and versatile.

  • Edible

    Delicious, discreet and highly effective.

  • Beverage

    Refreshingly potent infused drinks.

  • Tincture

    Drops and spray for subtle convenience.

  • Topical

    Lotions, balms and oils absorbed through skin.

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